If you are inclined to music such that you have a talent in composing, conducting or performing music, you are considered as a musician. The expertise of musicians can be reflected in diverse areas such as in musical styles and skills. With this, the possible skills of a musician can be one or combination of singing, composing, performing, arranging, orchestration or conducting of music. The term musician can also be used to refer to someone who is expert in playing musical instrument such as drums and guitars.

During the middle ages, the doors for the instrument musicians have widely opened. As such, it was in these times that instruments that feature soft ensembles became recognized. During this time, loud indoor as well as outdoor musical instruments have popped out. In connection to this, there are many European musicians who have accommodated the needs of the Roman Catholic Church. With this, they provide arrangement patters around the Georgian chant.

Meanwhile, some of the most notable musicians during the middle ages have been well noted. These music artists have been known or their remarkable expertise in music. In no particular order, five of the most notable musicians of this time include Guillaume de Machaut, Phillipe de Vitry, Guillaume Dufay, John Jenkins and Hildegar of Bingen.


While the Middle Ages musicians were centred to musical instrument, renaissance music artists were inclined to create music that can be played during mass ceremonies. Since Latin happens to be the language of the church by this time, it is not a surprise that that vocal music is delivered in Latin.

However, the end of the sixteenth century has marked the split of musicians into diverse areas. With this, there have been wealthy amateurs, protestant churches, and music printing and royal courts. All of these had become very important sources of income for composers. For the renaissance period, here are the most notable musicians- Thomas Tallis, Giovanni Gabrieli, Leonardo da Vinci and Claudio Monteverdi.

Baroque musician

The baroque era welcomes the immersive practices of using basso continou features as well as counterpoints. In connection to this, instrument and vocal color has become the center of the style of music during these times. As such, George Frideric Handel, Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi are the most recognizable baroque musicians.

Classical music

Classic music has been established by music artists during the rise of the middle class. During this time, there were many mid-class resident of France who has lived for very lengthy absolute monarchies. For this reason, majority of the pieces have been carried out in setting that is more restricted compared to baroque and renaissance period. With this, the popularity of classical music is attributed to Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig Van Beethoven.


Romantic period has also been culminated with the age of revolutions. During that time, there were numbers of disorders in social, military, economic and political aspect. Also, this period includes the first transformation of industrial Revolution.

In addition, revolutionary campaign has also been one of the centres of Romanticism. In connection to this, it has been set out in order to transform the theories as well as the practices of art and poetry. While there are romantic musicians who made their way into the twentieth century, it has greatly affected the modern culture. Here, many musicians have found their way on top. The most notable of them includes Richard Wagner, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Johannes Brahms, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss II and Franz Liszt.

Modern century

The world of music has been into a very remarkable transition from the ninetieth to twentieth century. Along with this transition are multiple numbers of major changes. In the modern century, composers and singers tend to break off form the emotion-inspired Romantic period. Instead, modern musicians have represented the new and modern world. While some of the artist work in their own term, h there are also those who prefer to be objective. If the past periods have been centred in spiritual theme, the center of the modern music is more concentrated in concrete things and physicality. The development of wide varying forms of music has such as rock music, folk music; electronic music and pop music have been very viable platforms for the development of the music industry in the 20th century.

With this, here are the top-earning musicians of the present times:

Clavin Harris is one of the most notable highest earners in the whole world. With his remarkable reputation in music, he has significantly evolved from being a supermarket stoker into one of the top earning musicians of today.

Who would not recognise the superstar Brno mars? Although his popularity is the end product of his talent being a musician, his success in the music industry is also attributed to a through planning by the singer as well as his team.

Nick van de wall is also one of the top earning musicians in the whole world. Known for his notable talent as a DJ, he considers the music industry as inherent parts of the lives of the music believers.

Tobby Kerith is also one of the most recognizable musicians in the present century. His passion and iron will power to establish his name in music has been deemed as secret to success.

Undoubtedly, each of the musical periods has its own highlights. With the significant transition of music, no one might ever guess the future of the music industry. With exemplar reputation of the previous musicians in the past, there is no doubt that hsitroy highly recognize those who have made big names in music. Meanwhile, the most reputable musicians of the twentieth century seem to have the most up-to-the-minute talents in music.

As a conclusion, every musician in the different timeframe of hsitroy has his own highpoints. But one thing is for sure, while the top-grosser musicians of todays are highly recognized, history will never forget the names of those who have embarked significant contribution in the music industry. © 2015